Catching Waves with Tatiana Howard

Mar 25, 2021 | At Home In Hawaii

World-class surf breaks, rugged beaches, and the tropical forests of Maui’s North Shore have long lured water enthusiasts and travelers to find adventure in Hawaii. For Paia-based agent Tatiana Howard, this iconic shoreline has been her lifelong backyard.

Growing up in one of the world’s premier wave-sport destinations, Tatiana formed a connection to the ocean from a young age. Influenced by her parents who moved to the North Shore from Idaho in pursuit of waves and wind, Tati made her first splash in the world of windsurfing when she was 14 years old and took off with the sport as a dedicated athlete by the time she was 16.

“I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. I love the rush of surfing as well as the humbling aspect of being in the powerful ocean, learning to have respect and to remain calm in challenging conditions,” Tati shares. “Anytime you can jump in the water and appreciate the moment—especially these days when the world moves so fast—is refreshing and a great way to be centered and fully present. If something is hanging over me, whether it’s stress about finances, worry about a loved one, or anxiety about something I can’t control, the second I enter the water it washes away. The ocean clears our minds, and by the time I get out, everything on land feels much more surmountable.”

Tatiana’s passion for chasing wind and waves has led her on world tours with the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) and the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT). One of her most memorable moments was winning the IWT event in Essaouira, Morocco against the tour champion in a double elimination round where, she shares, “the experience of a fun and fierce competition held in a drastically different culture, waves, and sporting conditions made it an unforgettable event.”

While Tati has reached much success as a sponsored pro windsurfer, her many competitive accomplishments inspired one of her proudest career achievements: the creation of the Butterfly Effect.

In 2007, Tatiana founded a non-competitive movement meant to empower women in water sports through an annual downwinder group event. What started locally on Maui as a way to bring together female kiters, surfers, and paddlers has grown substantially from its debut at Ho’okipa with her friends, having landed in 19 countries and drawing thousands of women to participate in over 50 events. Her “event of aloha” has inspired many to find adventure in the water, to give back to local communities, and promote health and happiness.

Tatiana has now grown her passions to include Maui real estate. With her knowledge and experience of running Butterfly Effect events, she is able to draw from that experience and accomplish the many detailed and numerous tasks involved in buying and selling homes, all while, satisfying her happy, confident clients!  Her attention to detail, timeliness, and honest and accurate guidance are her secrets to success in being an agile and responsive realtor.

In sharing what she finds most special about life in Hawaii, Tati says it’s all about the lifestyle.

“Nature brings me so much happiness. Maui is very inspirational and the active lifestyle here is amazing. To be able to play in the ocean and keep the stoke alive is what makes this place so special.”

Her advice to clients relocating to Hawaii mirrors the same philosophy she hopes to instill in her newborn son — Live aloha and have time for others. Be kind, be of service, and be happy.

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